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The best sweet fresh basil of New York!

Verdi Farms produces the highest quality of herbs by utilizing the most efficient type of hydroponic Indoor growing system in modern farming.

Our locally grown produce is harvested every day, with guarenteed delivery to our customers within a few hours!

Smart Quality

Verdi Farms uses specialized LED lights to provide each plant with the spectrum needed for photosynthesis in the highest energy efficiency possible. This lighting increases nutrition and overall productivity. This state of the art facility utilizes 95% less water and controls temperature and humidity. 
Macro-micro nutrition, as well as the use of no pesticides nor herbicides, aid to sustaining a maximal environment.

Verdi Farms
High Technology Indoor Farming
  1. Managing Director
    Company Philosophy We use the best selected seeds for each herb type produced. This way nutrition, quality and flavor are guarantee.
  2. Managing Director
    Special Lighting We use LED grow lights to provide each plant the spectrum needed for photosynthesis in the most energy and efficiently way possible. This lighting increase nutrition and productivity of the plant.
  3. Managing Director
    Products Produce Verdi Farms produce the best Basil, Parsley and Cilantro seeding plants with most efficient type of growing in modern farms.
  4. Managing Director
    State of Art Verdi Farms indoor facility with controlled Temperature, Humidity and Nutrition, allows the herb to grow all year round.
  5. Managing Director
    Hydroponic Verdi Farms herbs are produce in our unique specialize Hydroponic System using 95% less water that conventional farming. This method of growing plants without soil, using Micro and macro nutrient solutions.
  6. Managing Director
    Always Fresh Verdi Farms locally grown produce is harvested every day. Quality and flavor reach our customer in few hours, satisfaction is guarantee!

Our Goal

- Consumer satisfaction.

- Locally grown produce.

- Healthly and benefitial.

- No pesticides and herbicide free.

- Non-GMO.

- Always fresh and premium quality.

- 95% less water than traditional farming.

- Reduce environmental impact.

- All year round consistent herbs grow.

Verdi Farms
Hydroponic and Indoor Grown Produce
West Babylon
New York
Telephone: (631) 827-4772
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